Current deployed 5G 700 MHz by some Operators are NSA or SA?

Dear Experts.

Currently deployed 5G 700 MHz by some Operators are NSA or SA?

I think 5G low band should be on SA.

I believe SA.

Why not NSA?

Don’t think there is hard limitation but for NSA we already have 4G lower band available so focus for 5G NSA will be to use mid band or upper band considering the target use case.

If someone wants to target lower band for 5G blanket coverage then that could be a option.

Which seems more meaningful in SA case.

We were thinking on to use 700 Mhz (20M) for SA/NSA but due to 5G device limitation to make a use case of VoNR we settle to use it for deploying 4G.

And also enable SA-NSA intelligent switching to make sure our 5G User can have enhanced UL when using 700 LTE in NSA.

In short can make a use of it by keeping limitations and based on subjective requirement per network.

Is this SA-NSA intelligent switching a network feature?

I think it’s just gNB supporting SA+NSA.

5G UE in SA measuring its UL SINR threshold can HO to LTE cell (defined anchor ) and do UL services.

DL session remains on 5G and UL on LTE.

Seems Huawei specific feature (RAN 5.1), haven’t seen in the ongoing Nokia SA version.

With a low band coverage layer with enhanced coverage penetration of n28 700 mhz band operators are going for SA only.

Ecosystem is growing for SA so why shud they go for NSA?

Let’s have 5G CORE AMF and UPF to have complete SA network with 700 overlaid.

SA + NSA is supported by many vendors.

But this intelligent switching is “Wow” feature by Huawei.

It actually reduces drawbacks of mid band SA deployment.

Amazing feature!

So here UL work on LTE and DL in 5G SA in case of poor uplink coverage or uplink interference and UE latched to 5G SA cell.

Still thinking how PDU setup and all transfer to LTE… what will be call flow…

How about Ericson? Doesn’t they have it?

It doesn’t seems to be a difficult one…

Based on Poor 5G UL SINR.

It is just releasing SA UE and adding same UE as NSA UE.

Via Handover procedure.

So it’s kind of SA to LTE Handover then again add SCG cell?

Yes, right.

But @rahul079 mentioned DL work in 5G SA.

Is it typo error? I think it’s SCG leg.

It’s its SCG leg, DL still work on NR side.

Thanks make right sense now :+1:

So it’s Huawei customized feature.

We use 700 band for ESS