CU DU resource allocation


I am not expert on n/w side. So I have one basic question related to CU-DU split.

In the initial 5g specs, when the split was proposed within the gNB, is the physical resources allocated to the gNB are shared among the DUs of that gNB. Or each DU is seen as separate cell (with separate sync and PBCH ?)

Coming to Release 16, I am trying to understand this architecture in IAB.

Thanks a lot for all the help in advance for the network side specialists.

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I believe this can help:


Where to split between CU and DU?

Thankyou very much for the reply.

I understand the split from protocol stack perspective. Im trying to understand how the cells are allocated per DU. And will they all share the same SSB/PSB ? Basically trying to understand from network configuration, and also scheduling …