Csi-rs beams in FR2

Hi All,
In principle, it is possible to transmit CSI RS beams in FR2 but it depends upon the implementation. Assuming analogue beamforming in FR2, then it is only possible to transmit one beam at a time. So it would not be possible to transmit refined CSI RS beams at the same time as transmitting the broader SSB beam.
By experts in this community, yes its possible.
But beamforming technique used need to check in FR2.

Is it hybrid beamforming used?
If its analog beamforming then not possible?

Huawei they say csi-rs beams in mmWave.
Hybrid beamforming they are using.

Not sure i understand completely how huwei does 64 csi-rs beams for 16 ssb in mmWave.
Analogue beamforming means whole RBs and REs have same spatial filter.

But that is 64 beams for 160 slots or 20ms.
In their presetation every symbol has 2 csi beams in different location.

And this would be impossible with analogue beamforming. But with hybrid beamforming… Not sure
I think it is possible with hybrid beamforming.
Because in digital beamforming can steer the beam as per your need per symbol and per RE and per RB.
And then analogue beamforming will aply same spatial filter to all RBs and all REs.

Very correct!