Csi-rs beams (beamformed) versus csi-rs reference signals (from one single antenna port)

Not sure about the UL actually.

It is about this IE:

In my logs n78 I see 4T4R meaning is able to support 4 srs tx antenna in UL.
This IE is different per band and technology.

For NSA it’s use single antenna only for tx.
We have concept of transmit antenna change that’s why multiple tx antenna seen.

3GPP TS 38.306 version 15.5.0 Release 15

supportedSRS-TxPortSwitch indicates SRS Tx port switching pattern supported by the UE. The indicated UE antenna switching capability of ′xTyR′ corresponds to a UE, capable of SRS transmission on ′x′ antenna ports over total of ′y′ antennas, where ′y′ corresponds to all or subset of UE receive antennas, where 2T4R is two pairs of antennas;

The trick here is that srs TX antenna are the very same rx antenna for MIMO streams.
Totally different than TX antenna of the UE for PUSCH.

I am not sure about this.
Think about it that there is 2x2 UL MIMO so there must be at least 2 TX antenna.

Another question:
Do you think this UE model is viable?

Actually it’s at UE end feature.
Network guys didn’t find it in logs as 2x2 UL MIMO.

It depends on UE capability.
See this:

Defines supported maximum number of MIMO layers at the UE for PUSCH transmission with codebook precoding. UE indicating support of this feature shall also indicate support of PUSCH codebook coherency subset. This feature is not supported for SUL.

Defines supported maximum number of MIMO layers at the UE for PUSCH transmission using non-codebook precoding. This feature is not supported for SUL.

But you are right…I have checked 2-3 logs this param is always 1 layer for UL MIMO.
Probably on S21 Samsung is different.
Or Iphone 12.

I think this phone prototype will never become reality: 6 beamforming modules in mmwave would need a battery of over 10000mAh :slight_smile:
Maybe for CPE yes but not for handheld UEs.

And air conditioner :smiley:

In which signalling message did you get this IE?