CSFB setup time delay increased after ANR activation

Hello dear Experts.

After ANR activation, CSFB setup time delay increased by 4 seconds.

What can be the reason?

ANR was deactivated, but the problem remained.

Any ideas and solutions?

Vendor is Huawei.

Which CSFB related feature you are currently using?

Measurement Based?

PSHO Based or Blind?

Measurements based plus PS HO.

Before the ANR activation, was the PS HO enabled?

Yes, it was.

Have you checked the ANR Profile setting?

You mean besides adding neighbors ANR also activates features automatically?

Depends on your ANR profile.

Have you changed your strategy when doing ANR? The carrier you are adding for example.

3G side.

I activated cell level LTE and UMTS ANR futures.

And futures from eNodeB side.

But I didn’t change thresholds or other measurement parameters.

Just activate future in cell and eNodeB algoswitch.

The problem may come from unnecessary neighbors addition since you didn’t customized your ANR.

So normally after ANR deactivation you should also review and delete neighbors.

Totally agree.

That’s why the problem wasn’t solved after rollback.

You have to delete unnecessary neighbours.

That makes sense.

Yes after deactivation I deleted far distance neighbours, but still call setup time is long.

You need to delete all neighbors added after your ANR activation.

Keep only first ring.

Be sure that you don’t have obershooting with PSC clashes.

This can delay very much your CSFB CST.

Yes, you are right thank you very much!

And by the way, do you have any suggestions regarding ANR profile setting?