CSFB paging KPI issue

I have an issue with CSFB paging KPI.
The number of Paging responses in CSFB paging for one LAC in RNC is very bad while other LAC is ok.
The 3G paging KPI is OK for both.
Any recommendations from team on what issue could be?

What about CSFB prep and success? All okay?

It’s ok.
But the bad LAC I have noticed has more RRC redirection to GSM and CSFB E2G is high also.
Our strategy is to 3G only so I don’t understand why it’s redirecting to 2G.

If E2G is off then it could be some UE that only support 2G tried to perform csfb but because of only E3G is enabled then failures started.
In some case where 2G handset like IoT or some special handset that supported 2G only.
Check if it is some specific location/site or general issue?

affecting sites in one LAC only (same location)