CSFB: only one Freq in RRC-Rel message

I need some help for CSFB in Huawei.
I have U900 and U2100, but in the RRC-Rel message, there is only the U2100 UTRAN freq.


I want to have both U900 and U2100 send to the UE with U21 prioritized vs U900.

You can only provide 1 UTRAN in the RRC-Rel message.
What is you CSFB policy?

Yes, same for Nokia too.

This must be something 3GPP. Thanks.

Anyone knows how to do CSFB 3G and then if it fails do the CSFB to 2G?
I would like to configure this for Huawei.
The priority UTRAN vs GERAN is done; but in the RRC-REL message there is only the UTRAN info, nothing about GERAN.

Its not possible for Nokia though was ok in ALU.

We did testing that if there is no 3G coverage found then MO is ok but MT will fail.

For me as well, it is what I observed.

MO is basically check what you have; if no 3G then there is a failure it goes back to 4G and does another trial on 2G.
For MO I do not consider this a CSFB as it goes to 2G only when having a failure on 3G.

For Huawei, as i know it will fail .
You have to give a priority UTRAN vs GERAN in the RRC-Rel message.