CSFB method PSHO or Redirection

Hi Dear Friends.
Please, in Ericsson LTE what parameter change CSFB method, between PSHO or Redirection?

I know for redirection is feature CS Fallback to GERAN and UTRAN, and for PSHO is feature PSHO-Based CS Fallback to UTRAN.

But when I have two features actived, how I can choose only one?

I can tell you for Huawei (I have been experimenting on this recently).

Hello @Jorge_Zambrano,
I am not sure, if you have got the answer to your post,
As per my understanding eNodeB will for csfbHoTargetSearchTimer for reports from B1 and B2 measurements configured in the UE for CSFB reasons. If expired it will got for RWR