CS paging in the URA_PCH state

Hello everyone!

I have a question, is it possible to handle CS paging over URA-PCH? If so, any information related to Ericsson equipment.

I have checked the following counter on Ericsson equipment.


Number of CN-initiated CS pages attempted for UEs in the URA_PCH state.\n\n Counter category: \n Type: Traffic, Area: Accessibility, Scenario: Paging\nCondition: Incremented by one for every CN-initiated CS page attempted for a UE in the URA_PCH state.\nThis counter is not incremented for conditional repetitions when the UE does not respond to t he page.\nThis counter is not incremented for quick/unconditional repetitions based on noOfPagingRecordTransm or noOfPagingRecordTransmUtran.