CS Core 2G & 3G Paging success rate

Dears Experts

Iam looking for your advice and guidance to do CS Core 2G & 3G Paging success rate (MSS level) failure analysis. (huawei)

Since, we have low rate of Paging success rate around 91-95 and trying to do optimization.

By identify the failures cause, worst LACs ,etc

How i can start ? what is the steps to do analysis?
what is the parameters or timers can help to improve it.

Your sharing Knowledge and experience are highly appreciated and if any one can share analysis report as sample will be good

Hi, in most cases it is a paging overload issue. Try to analyze paging attempts per LAC and success rate. Do you use same LAC values in 2G and 3G? Do you have configured URA?

Can you support and show me how I can analysis it from attached file
Paging.xlsx (5.6 MB)