Cross Carrier Scheduling Feature

Hi Experts.
Anyone implemented Cross Carrier Scheduling Feature in LTE?
Please tell usage and benefits of this functionality.

Never implemented, but your secondary carrier CCE utilization will reduce.

It means in CA, Pcell can schedule for pcell & scell.
So Scell no need CCE.

It means sCell use no resources for PDCCH this only difference.

Hich is consumed in scell.
No dci scheduled in scell.

You will get the answers here.
Good feature but pcell i think should be in high bw or else congestion will happen in low bandwidth pcell.

It is generaly used in heterogeneous network.
For example lower freq pcell can schedule resources on higher freq scell, who serving area is under umbrella of lower freq.
This is to ensure that UE can receive DL grant for scell even at its cell edge.
I never seen anyone using it is live network.

Yes :+1: never seen too.