Create sector and site wise with different color setting

I am looking for a tool/plugin to be able to create sector and site wise with different color setting, depending the state of a attribute in the input file.

As an example,

  • if the site is in site survey phase it is yellow,
  • if it is in construction phase it is brown
  • if it is on air then blue
  • and so on …

Thanks in advance for all suggestions

Check Hunter Lite - KML Plotter (Excel to Google Earth Kml/Kmz)

Mapinfo: apply thematic legend.

I have it, and using it.
But I am not able to have the color option that I explained.
All sectors and sites have same color.

Yep. If you have Mapinfo licence. :wink:
I am trying to figure it out with QGIS. (no exit for the moment)

There is a solution mentioned in trailing Q&As.

Further you can customize the VBA code as per need.

I think by force I need to learn VBA. :slight_smile:
I have seen it. thx

In your input file if there is a reference point use that reference point by categorizing the layers and you can also manual add desired colors codes if you looking for the same via QGIS.

That is what I am trying to get, the problem is that I have the unique reference point.
Thanks! (But I do not have the unique reference point).

I think QGIS is very easy to do:

Right-click properties → Symbology → Categorized

Agilent Tool.

Yes, QGIS is also very easy to use.

You can try ArcGIS.
Better PFM and you can download it with license on internet.

What is the whole name of PFM? Please