CQI value 15 at SINR 3

Hi Experts,
I have seen CQI as 15 at SINR 3.
Is it really possible?:roll_eyes:

CQI calculation is propritery of device vendor,and is generally calculated from PDSCH SINR. What you have shown you is RS SINR.

RS SINR can be poor due to CRS to CRS or CRS to PDSCH interference.
PDSCH SINR can be poor due to PSDCH to PDSCH or PDSCH to RS interference.
Since your CQI is highest…PDSCH SINR must be good. And RS SINR is poor may be due to mod3 collosions

If possible pls check PDSCH SINR.

I thought the other way around.
What is the use of RS SINR?

Mobility and Idle behaviour selection and reselection.

Don’t think so.
For this we use RSRP.

Sorry, I read wrong. I mean Reference Signal as the whole signal is used for selection and re selection.

Can you make a figure: X axis is sinr, Y is cqi?

This is true fof rel13 supported UE where RS SINR can be reported by UE.

Cell reselection happen based on RS SINR?

No only handovers. That also when UE support SINR reporting and it’s enabled in eNB.