CQI reporting periodicity suggestion

Hi Experts,
What is the suggestion for CQI reporting periodicity?

20 msec, and allow also subband CQI.

I believe in Ericsson this is hard coded to 80 ms.

I wonder how accurate is scheduling at each msec when CQI is reported every 80 msec.
It is like most of the time gNodeB has to rely on ack/nack not on CQI.
Or eNB.
It is not just CQI that is reported, it comes together with Rank Indicator and PMI.

Exactly, and I was just looking for a possibility to reduce it like Huawei to a lower value of 40 ms or 20 ms but probably not possible.
Ericsson provides a feature Variable SR and CQI Periodicity but doesn’t offer any controlling parameters.
The aim of this feature is more of providing capacity not accurate scheduling by possibility of increasing the periodicity.

Yes, rank would be more accurate so capacity would increase.
Same for PMI leading to a better MCS.
Due to a higher SINR.

Accuracy comes with increased periodicity and increased periodicity means lower PUCCH capacity.
Isn’t it?

Sure, it is like this.

So Ericsson solution is more tailored towards providing higher capacity. Scheduling accuracy is not a concern. But I have observed clear difference between spectral efficiency of Ericsson and Huawei. Huawei stands better.

The same goes for flexibility of having Adaptive BLER Targets, Ericsson doesn’t offer this. This also makes Huawei spectrally more efficient.