Coverage Model Tuning

Hello RF Expert,
Anyone have experience of Model Tuning?
Which type of Antenna used to collect CW data?
Is it a Directional Antenna or Omni-Directional? And why?

Hi, you need to do for 3G or 4G?

I am aware that Omni directional is best choice for CW, but curious about that in actual we installed 4G directional antenna which comparatively higher Gain & Foot print is not that same.

I think technology is not a constraint, CW is done on unmodulated signal generated by a transmitter, and the signal is transmitted through omni antenna.
The concept of CW is like one does not have footprint of a particular band in a city, they are creating a dummy BS with CW setup, and checking the decay of signal in different clutter environments.

Thanks Arnab.