Counters to measure Latency

Hi Guys,
Are there any counters in Huawei to measure Latency?
I.e. time to transmit between Ue & eNodeB.

For 5G NR:


In LTE getting ~ 100ms in some sites.
Means total user perceived latency would be much higher right?
Enodeb delay + tx delay + server delay

In LTE 100 ms latency seems ok, but in 5G not.

But if this is the latency in the counter shouldn’t the actual latency be even higher?

Air interface gives most of the delay.
Core is like 4-8 msec.
Transmission is like 2-4 msec.

Actually minimum latency you will get is explained here depending on features:

So, it is much less than 100 msec depending on air interface load and radio conditions.

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For LTE: