Counter to monitor Transmission Link Status

Hello dear Experts.
Please, which 2G KPI or counter is expressing more better the transmission link status?
As it can be unstable or flapping and affect site performance.
Vendor is Huawei.
I am seing this L9A03: Number of Received Check Error TRAU Frames
Any comment or other?

SCTP link counters.
Like Vs.sctplnk.unavail.dur

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Which interface you want to check trans link: A or Abis, TDM or IP?

If TDM, do not have SCTP.

Abis, IP and TDM.

Which one for TDM can you suggest?

For IP, Huawei has counters monitoring at all layers: MAC has frame loss, IP has packet loss, SCTP has packet loss, unavailable time.
For TDM, it’s so long I remember very few counters for trans quality.

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Well noted for IP, m.any thanks.

For TDM, I find this L9A03: Number of Received Check Error TRAU Frames
With description: β€œThis measurement provides the number of check error frames received by a cell in a granularity period. This counter indicates the transmission quality of the G-Abis interface. Usually, the satellite and microwave transmission may cause check error frames.”

I want to confirm if is there better counters to express the trans. link quality.

TRAU frame: it is A interface.