Counter to measure DL SINR

Hi all,
I have one concern.

Huawei do not have DL SINR counter, but Nokia has (DL SINR counter like DL_SINR_DIST_WB_BINx).
with range to 30db.
Actually, I think that UE just map SINR to CQI and report CQI only, not report SINR.

Query is: How Nokia counter measure DL SINR?


In LTE there is no way to report SINR, so it is likely they use some curve as you mentioned, CQI-based from link simulations or field measurements.

Rel 13/14 support RS- SINR reporting also in LTE
SINR reporting is possible in LTE provided that UE should support its rel 13 /14 capability.

Sometimes to collect MR data for coverage evaluation, it require turn on some switch.
eNB will ask some UE to periodic report rsrp/rsrq/sinr.
But not for scheduling.

One curiosity I have is the meaning of DL RS SINR to the NW. Different UE Rx Architecture could behave differently.

UE reported RS-SINR is use to trigger mobility.

But in UL, UL SINR is measured by eNB.
DL SINR, not even in cell trace can be found.
(This for Ericsson architecture).

For Huawei also is not possible to get DL SINR measurements.
Only by drive test.

In 5GNR at least, both PUCCH, PUSCH SINR are accounted for in UL.
They take it for DL Scheduling purposes.
DL SINR is something particular. Companies can become secretive on it.
Different RF Architectures can behave really differently with same DL SINR.
But I see the value of having an estimate on gNB for Mopbility purposes.

Exactly, only UL related measurements are used by eNodeB for any kind of purpose and is available in the statistics or traces.
If someone has to estimate DL SINR then better look at the CQI from the statistics which is reported by UE to the eNodeB.