Counter to check CA (Carrier Aggregation) happening

Hi Guys,

Does someone knows any counter to check if CA is happening?
Vendor is Ericsson.

pmCaActivatedDlSum, pmCaActivatedDlFddTddSum, pmPdcpVolDlDrbCa, pmCaScheduledUlSum are some of them.

Note: Some counters depend on OSS version/corresponding features activated or not.

Mo Class = Lrat.EUtranCellFDD
Pm Counter = pmCa*

Like pmCaActDlIeeNBSum, pmCaActivateDlFddTddSum…

Are all those pmCA* counters available to TDD?

Yes, they are.

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you can see cell level volume for scell pmRadioThpvolDlSCell

TDD cells - PMCAACTIVATEDDLFDDTDDSUM could work as well

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