Coronavirus x Traffic increase in QCI 9

Hi expert’s,
Is there any traffic increase in QCI 9 is observed in your network?
I suspect due to coronavirus more video streaming is going across the globe and carrier is getting more active user in QCI 9…
Did anyone observed the same in your country network?

For us it is the opposite:
They are now consuming over their ISPs.

I think it’s normal that traffic is higher on ISPs as people stay at home more and consume data using Wi-Fi.

QCI 9 and QCI6, whats the difference between these two?

Mobile traffic could increase, but not necessary.
But for ISP, it will increase definitely, with mire videos sharing, online gaming, online education for schools a universities as I notice.
Yesterday, my ISP doubled my monthly data usage till end of April as well doubled my home DSL speed.
As per government request, for free of course, nationwide.

I guess it’s cell by cell dependant. Cells from tehcnlogical parks (that used to be in congestion) are now with zero traffic while traffic exploded in residential area cells (that used to have low traffic) where ISPs are not always present.

difference between QCI6 and QCI9 is in packet loss requirement and in packet delay budget. Also in priority for scheduling. Usually operators have implemented only one QCI and that is 8 or 9.