CORESET duration?

While I was reading 3gpp spec 38.213 for studying Wake Up Signal

In subclasue 10.3 ‘PDCCH monitoring indication and dormancy/non-dormancy behaviour for SCells’

I saw sentence
'for each search space set, the PDCCH monitoring occasions are the ones in the first T_“s” slots indicated by duration, or T_“s” =1 slot if duration is not provided, starting from the first slot of the first T_“s” slots and ending prior to the start of drx-onDurationTimer. ’

In this sentence, does the word ‘duration’ means the duration in CORESET?
Please explain the meaning of this word ‘duration’ and how this sentence works for WUS.

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CORESET duration

It means seach space duration which is in the unit of slots
Coreset duration is in the unit of symbols

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