Convert timing advance to distance

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Could you pls tell me in 5G NR how to calculate the distance from the timing advance value mentioned in the random access response (RAR) message (msg2)? For example, 12 bits TA in RAR can have a range of 0-3846. If the TA mentioned in the RAR in 20, how to get an idea about the distance between the UE and the base station.

If I do a similar comparison LTE, then TA can have ranged between 0 -1282. If in the RAR TA = 1282 then we can calculate the distance as

Nta = 1282 * 16Ts = (1282 * 16)/(2048 * 15000)

Distance = (3*1e8 * Nta)/2 = 100.15 km

I would like to do a similar calculation for 5G

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You may check this link 5G NR Timing Advance: RAR TA and MAC-CE TA - 5G MAC Layer


Thanks for the reply.
I have found the following link useful.