Control paging discards in TDD Cells with maxnoofpagingrecords set to maximum

Dear Experts.

If FDD cells on a specifics band having paging failures while we have already maxnoofpagingrecords set to maximum, what could be the best possible soft changes we may do to control paging discards?

Think about this: split LAC/TAC, balance users versus other TAC ( shift a bit the TAC border).

You may have also coverage issue, if users do not answer in 2-3 pages you can sent them 20 pages and still they will not answer.

So check your indoor coverage if this happens in cities.

Only specific band in a single RBS are causing failures?

maxnoofpagingrecords is an RBS parameter though!

Yes, agree!

But yes single band all 3 sectors.

Is it the Coverage or Capacity band?

Capacity band.

Paging discard isn’t equivalent to paging failures.

Paging discard (from my experience) is all the paging records which werent useful.

For instance if the network has to page on a LAC/RAC, then only one cell which has UE may respond but rest will counted as Paging discards.

Paging KPI from RAN isn’t very insightful.

If you really want to improve KPI check Core KPI and see how many call setup failures are happening due to no Paging response.

Yes, I agree.

However, paging discard in RAN side should always try to keep at 0 value.

Paging discard can be caused by paging congestion, that’s why is important to keep at 0.

Yes a better KPI to look at congestion KPI.