Confirm meanig of Cell barred, listen paging, and receive calling

Hi, Experts.
Please, i need to confirm the meaing of Cell barred, listen paging, receive calling ? Thanks

Cell barred mean no attempt on the cell

Yes…only ho traffic

Depends… Sometimes you have low attempt or no attempt

OK. Thanks

U can block Ho attempts as well in Nokia

Yes, i did this test also…

Hi . Can u briefly pen down as how HO attempts can be blocked if cell barred is activated.


In Nokia there are parameters in bts as well as hoc sheet I will share the names later but u can block handovers with hoc parameter by putting ta limits to maximum

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U mean tuning the margins and nx/px to max.

Actually, one would bar a cell for a certain reason.
In some cases; we have significant blocking on a cell. One way to reduce blocking is to bar the cell. In this way; it will carry only HO traffic.

On the other hand; sometimes a cell is barred because it has some firmware issue and it is understood every call it entertains will get dropped. In such scenario; we must bar the cell and also inhibit TCH assignment from Msc.

The MS will continue to listen the paging. But it can’t respond to paging.
If I recall it right; if MS fails twice to respond to paging; it will trigger cell reelection.

Please correct me if I am wrong. My 2G has become rusty :mask:

  • cell reselection

Ok. :+1::smile: Thanks.