Configuring Discord


We’re starting initial tests to use Discord as AUDIO channel for global meetings. (The goal is to use Youtube Live stream (VIDEO) to present our screen and Discourse AUDIO to put everyone together).

Initially we just want to make sure everyone is able to hear and mainly - speak!

Our goal is to have meeting explaining how to install and use Boda, and also discussing telecom issues (Optimization, Desgin, etc…).

That’s why we need to make sure discord connections is fine: you will use it to communicate.

If you have some problems in audio/video settings, you can try some of these tips:

  1. If you are using it in your PC:
    1.1. Click the gear icon (in the left bottom of your screen, next to your nickname);
    1.2. Under Settings, change the INPUT DEVICE (if no one can hear you); and change the OUTPUT DEVICE (if you are not hearing);

    Note: to have conversation, join the FORUM VOICE CHANNEL in the left navigation panel.

  2. If you are using it in your Smartphone:
    2.1.Make sure you have granted Android permissions.
    Go to Settings - Apps
    Click Discord
    View App Info

    App Permissions: make sure Microfone is ON

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