Configuration to display 5G on the UE

Hi Experts.

These are configs to display 5G on the UE:

Where are these configured, on the Radio side or Core side?

UE vendor does this configuration, not in Radio or Core.

@Vijay_Chaudhari bhai this can be misleading as well, does the CSP has any control over this?

Bhai, I don’t know if CSP has any control, but most UE vendor implemented config D.

But we have parameter for idle and connected mode to control mobility, but to show the 5G icon this config is fix from UE vendor.

Thanks bro.

Also B and C would need measurement info as well to display.
So D fits well as A will be very conservative.

CSP can ask UE vendor to use specific configuration for their network.
So in turn, CSP has some hard control over it.

Yes this could be the case for bundled offers from CSP.
But in normal case they shall not ask.

CSPs have to create good user experience.
Customer like JIO always ask for such things.