Concatenate and Format Excel Files with Python

Hello All.

Here you can see how to concatenate and format Excel Files using Pandas & openpyxl

Data Processing Steps

  1. Unzip all the input Files.
  2. Concatenate All the Excel Files as a dictionary (All Sheets merge in their corresponding sheet name).
  3. Add 3 columns name ‘Comments’ , ‘Bottleneck’ and ‘Status’ with blank value in each sheet.
  4. Merge cluster definition data set with Step-3, output in a dict format.
  5. Delete the Excel sheets in given path.
  6. Export the data set in Excel File.

Excel File Formatting

  1. Move the last column to 7 column in all the Sheets.
    2 .Set Font size and Font Name.
  2. Set Header Font and Background colour.
  3. Apply Border on all the sheets.
  4. Apply Alignment on all the sheets.
  5. Performed wrape header and header aligment.
  6. Set auto size column width.
  7. Change the Colour of All the Tabs

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