Complete E2E 5G Architecture

Hello Experts.

Does anyone knows where can i find Complete E2E 5G Architecture?

Including interfaces with all NE’s.

Here you can find it: 3GPP Overall Architecture and Specifications Diagram

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You can check Derek Cheung posts, they can also help (thankfully he is still writing, so new articles will probably be added)

  • 5G Core Part 1 — Architecture Overview
    5G is certainly the loudest buzzword in the networking industry for the past few years. Many carriers announced their 5G networks in 2019 but these 5G deployments were mostly based on the 3GPP Release 15. (Read article)


  • 5G Core Part 2 — PDU Session and QoS
    Examine the UE-Initiated PDU Session Establishment in details with message sequences. Wireshark traces are used to illustrate the messages’ parameters exchanged among the UE, gNB, AMF, SMF and UPF etc… (Read article)

  • 5G Core Part 3 — User Plane Traffic and GTP-U Tunnels
    Discuss the operational details of 5GC’s user plane namely the data path along gNB, UPF and DN. The wireless Radio Bearer between the gNB and the UE comprises a lot of RF technical details such as wireless time-slot assignment etc… (Read article)

  • 5G Core Part 4 — Dedicated QoS Flow and PDU Session Modification
    Use the 3GPP’s Procedures for the 5GS TS 23.502’s Figure–1: UE or network requested PDU Session Modification (for non-roaming and roaming with local breakout) to illustrate the setup of a Dedicated QoS Flow for a PDU Session with the corresponding Wireshark trace to show all the important IEs used in the procedures. (Read article)

  • 5G Core Part 5 — Network Repository Function (NRF)
    The 3GPP 5GS specifications have introduced a new Network Function (NF) in its Service Base Architecture (SBA) Control Plane (CP) called the Network Repository Function (NRF) since Release 15 a few years ago. (Read article)


Dear Experts,
Can anyone share the 5G NSA (EN DC) core side call flows and traces.

  1. Registration S6a between MME - HSS for 5G NSA
  2. Data GTP-C create session between SGW - PGW for 5G NSA
  3. Charging Gy between PGW- OCS for 5G NSA

I would like to compare the same with normal 4G to understand the difference in the core side when secondary bearer 5G NR is being added) or how do we distinguish from normal 4G and 5G NSA on the core side.
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