Commonly used 5G carrier aggregation (CA)

Can someone let me know the commonly used 5G carrier aggregations? Is it only 2-band aggregation that is currently used or are 3-bands, 4-bands, and 5-bands also used? Within 2-bands what are the most commonly used bands for aggregation?


NSA N78-n78 2cc or n1-n78
Sa - n78-n78-n38
Sa - n78-n78-n1

Thank you.

Please let me know why do you write n78 twice? Is it to convey that you have CA in DL (or UL) and not in the other direction?

It is 5G Carrier aggregation, you have 2 carriers in N78. Ex 100mhz plus 60 mhz
in UL, UEs generally support only 1 UL cc, in DL todays use is 3CC in the markets.

Operators generally have 1 Tdd layer , n41 or n78
and refarmed legacy Lte layer like 2100 Fdd in 5G.
Therefore most used Ca combo is n1 + n78 I can definitely say.