Commercial devices supporting UL CA in LTE

Hi Experts,
Do we have commercial devices which support UL CA in LTE?
Like Note 10, Samsung S20?

Yes, there are commercial devices which support UL CA in LTE.

Can you share UE capability if possible for any device supporting UL CA?

Here is one:

UE capability for UL (2.6 KB)

Which UE?
Need to compare with cacombos.

Hi RF Specialist,
I may be missing something in the file, but I cannot see the bandwidth class for UL. Please can you tell me how you are able to see that 2CA is supported in the file you have uploaded.

Hi @aliasgherman.
Hi Sorry, I uploaded wrong file.

For CA in Ul in LTE an user shoudl look for this IE:

It has to be b, c, d… anything else but a.

Here is what letters mean:

More details here:

Also here on cacombos is explained what letters mean:

But that is for DL, for UL CA they do not offer information.