Command for extracting network dump in ENM Ericsson

Hi Experts.

Does anyone having command for extracting network dump in ENM Ericsson?

Or any other process to get that?

Hi, please check this:

These are steps for collecting data to be processed by Boda Lite.

Note that you can use it to process not only CM but alos PM data for Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia.

Thank you.

Also, can you share the process of placing the 4G cell trace in ENM and parsing them with the internal parser/decoder and view the results?

Hi, cmedit export command set helps you

The steps to get the data from ENM remain the same as in the previous OSS, or you could share them.

Hi, Could you share the process to get DUMP from ENM?

Here you have the process…

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Did you find out how to export network dump in ENM Ericsson? I tried the below methods, nothing seems to work.

Did you try it?

What is your error message?

(It works fine for me always)