Choosing right Numerology and BW in 5G NR

Hello everyone.

I just want to thank you who helped me alot your my questions for doing my master thesis. :blush::pray:

Now, I need to ask a short explained concept of 5G systems for revision.

As 5G Numerology can be selected with u=[0,…,3] for cal. Subcarrier spacing and time slot, including B.W, when 5G Numerology will be chosen?
What is the goal of choosing the right Numerology and B.W?
As I am using u=1 with B.W=40MHz.

As I am using LDPC decoder with iterations 12 times using Belief Propagation Algorithm, I heard that number of iteration can be more than 12. I have a source of this Algorithm that number of iteration is used 12, but I don’t why is been used this. Any ideas?

Please I need those questions to be answered :pray:


Your first question about numerology, check this link:

I know this already. :slight_smile:
I want to know when shall use the numerology.
Based on when shall choose numerology?
In which scenario?

Your first question can be answered by this video to certain extent.