Check UE capability information in RRC_UE_CAP_INFO

Hello Dears.

Can anyone help me read UE capability information RRC_UE_CAP_INFO?

For example my phone is oneplus 6 model A6003, in websites I can see it is UE cat 16(dl)/13(ul).

But in RRC_UE_CAP_INFO it is mentioned cat 12/13.


Check 36.306, Table 4.1A-6: supported DL/UL Categories combinations and maximum UE channel bandwidth set by the fields ue-CategoryDL and ue-CategoryUL and UE categories to be indicated.

it’s correct.


Thanks for the response

You referred to 3rd column that says DL Category 12 and UL Category 13 so Since UL Category is 13 and “DL 12 and UL 13” is mentioned in UE capability message so the actual DL Category is 16, right?
But i see same condition for Category 15:

How to distinguish?

Look into the non-critical extension
With every release there are new categories with fallback to legacy categories in case eNB does not support new categories

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