Check RRU sharing mode (i.e. LTE shared with GSM)

Hi Experts,
In our network some LTE cells shared with G1800 RRU.
I need faster way to check actual RRU sharing mod (and G1800 cell name if it’s shared)

RRU configured mode getting by MML does not give me the Actual mode
Vendor: Huawei

Currently I checking them manually one by one. :frowning:

Click in all sites and type LST RRU:;

Check the field RF UNIT WORKING MODE

If GSM and LTE together show GSM_LTE

%%/ 1879111589 /LST RRU:;%%
RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded.

List RRU/RFU Configure Information

Cabinet No. Subrack No. Slot No. Administrative State Topo Position RRU Chain No. RRU Position RRU type RF Unit Working Mode )

0 70 0 Unblocked TRUNK 0 0 MRRU GSM_LTE
0 71 0 Unblocked TRUNK 1 0 MRRU GSM_LTE
0 72 0 Unblocked TRUNK 2 0 MRRU GSM_LTE
0 80 0 Unblocked TRUNK 6 0 MRRU UMTS_ONLY
0 81 0 Unblocked TRUNK 7 0 MRRU UMTS_ONLY
0 82 0 Unblocked TRUNK 8 0 MRRU UMTS_ONLY
0 90 0 Unblocked TRUNK 3 0 MRRU LTE_FDD
0 91 0 Unblocked TRUNK 4 0 MRRU LTE_FDD

RF Unit Working Mode = Indicates the working standard of the RRU or RFU. For an eCPRI AAU, modifying the working mode of the AAU may cause the AAU to reset.


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Export RRU Ran Report. You will get your desire output.