Check Mobile Phone Capabilities

Hi All,
I have a question.
Is there a trick from the phone to get all mobile capabilities?
Exactly what I want to know is: does Samsung S20 Ultra support UL CA in LTE?
And what are the bands combination, if yes.


For UL CA you can check band combination r10 IE.
There you will get detail for each band number with sequence like item 0.
Then there you can search for UL bandwidth class.
If it’s class C, it indicates 2 carriers for particular band can be used for ul ca as intra band contiguous.

Got you thanks.
So I need to trace the mobile, and get it from the UE capability message. :wink:

Yes, you can find in UE capability information message.
Just make sure in UE capability enquiry message no r11 UE used to obtain band combo information for particular band.
We called it reduced band capability feature from eNodeB end.

Yes, I’ll check that one, thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.

Hook it up with drive test tool and get FGI details?

Model :- SM-N981B :point_down:

Model (7.3 KB)


The UE capability of CA UL/DL band combination can be check as this picture.
Actually, I have never seen a mobile which support UL CA of 2 band, may be the demand for UL throughput is not yet.
As this picture, UE support DL CA of band1 (20Mhz) + band3 (20Mhz).
But UL only band3 may support 2 carrier, each carrier 10Mhz.