Check if 4G cell has MIMO via parameters

Hi All,
Is there any way to now if a 4G cell has MIMO configured and working (has license) by checking parameter values?
Vendor E//.

If yes, please mention which parameters should be checked?
Thanks in advance

You can check rank counter.

Would you please specify little bit more what do you mean by rank counter?

First check the feature is enabled for MIMO. You can login to node and just enter => invl MIMO via moshell.
Than check noOfTxAntenna/noOfRxAntenna which should be 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO based on ur network configuration.
Also Check transmissionmode parameter.
Then check Rank distribution for MIMO Counter: pmRadioTxRankDistr.
Check RI plot from field test. Values ranges from 1 to 4. Samples showing 3 and 4 are good.
Note:when 4x4 MIMO deployed in network, significant DL thpt improvement is expected as compare to 4x2 or 2x2 MIMO configurations.

Just check this counterL: pmRadioUeRepRankDistr.
If you have samples in Rank2 and onwards, MIMO is working.

For Ericsson system you can see noOfTxAntennas parameters (from SectorCarrier MO).


For Huawei system you can check via TXRXMODE Parameter (from CELL MO).