Check BW capability of Radio Units

Greetings dears.

I have seen these Radios before:


How to check BW capability of these Radios in Ericsson?

It shows the band number, not BW.

It depends on model.

Usually LTE FDD has 4-5 carriers (20 MHz) per band and based on power amp.

2x80w or 4x40w then 1800 to be config based on power.

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Thank you. I know, but I need to make sure.

There is two things important for Radio Units:

I am searching these two factor for these Radios.

This you sould get from specific market solution person.

b3 will have 40-45 IBW if more than that 1 addl carrier to be defined.

Best to have harmonise across operator.

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Thanks, but this is B20/B28, not B3.

B20/28 should vary based on region.

Apac will have 30-40.

If it in USA would be 10-20 since it’s fragmented between operators.

b20-800 will have similar. 20-30 IBW.

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