Changing codebook configuration without changing/replacing AAU

5G topic for NSA: I see that for codebook configuration number of antenna ports n1-n2 has changed from four-one to two-two for a competitor operator.
Is it possible to change it without changing/replacing AAU?

It is still 8 csi-rs ports:

My question is this one: is it possible to change the n1xn2 from four-one to two-two just by software, without replacing AAU?

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Yes it’s possible.
In Ericsson system there are parameters called i11 restrictions and i12 restrictions to do the adjustment in N1 and N2.

I would understand it if it possible to limit i11 and i12 restrictions.
So for example instead of running i11 from 8 to have it just till 4 so instead of having two -two to have it just one-tow.
But to change the n1-n2 configuration from four-one to two-two just by software looks impossible to me.

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Dear, any clue so far for this topic under Huawei?
I’m looking for this as well but still no hint at all.

Appreciate your support.

Yes, it is possible

Hi, can you please share the reference please, or under which MO belong to?

or any hint under which subject in Huawei hedex I should go for?

Not familiar with Huawei massive mimo. I am referring to other vendor