Change the colors of sectors in Atoll


Anybody know how can I change the colors of sectors in Atoll?

All sectors have only 3 colors.

Save the project and refresh the Screen and it will automatically change the color.

If it didn’t work, save the work space and close Atoll then reopen it.

Ensure that you defined 3 things:

  • Sites
  • Transmitters
  • Cells under transmitters

You need to change some values in the following menu:

Depends on you technology, you can choose whatever field to color the sectors, PCI, PSC, BCCH…


Cells with no color, probably no complete data in the atoll tables!

As @Tammam.Hajj indicated.

It will work with the default values in Atoll.

It can work on each tech independently or if you choose a 3GPP project multi-tech model.

But the export to GE works fine only for multi-tech project model;

Try to do it by filter as Group.

Ffor example the technology or traffic load etc.

  • 4G cells defined; all sectors are in colors now:

Just created new 4G project for a client, only sites transmitters defined:

2 cells on the same sector:

You can chance the cell form and size to allow both cells to be seen.

Thanks a lot, I solve the problem!

I applied this change in properties: :point_down: