Change Required message from gNB to eNB

The gNB sent this message to eNB (Change Required) with gNB-ID — '00000000000011100110000110001000’B…

I means (7363)
But I don´t have gNB-ID 7363.

Any suggestions?

Usually these values are in Hex.
Check E 6188.

DEC is 942472. I have this gNB.

Is 942742 your gNB?

It is the T-SgNB. Thanks.

Hi Experts.
How can I convert this gNB-ID to DEC?
gNB-ID — '00000000000011100110000110001000’B

What is this B here?
Without B it should be 942472
Check that.

Thanks. How you converted it please?