Certification course to help in RF Job market

Hi Experts,
Will this below certification course help in RF Job market?
Which one is a beginner friendly or best one for Entry level jobs?
Any other courses you know?

  • INARTE Telecommunications Engineer (International Association for Radio Telecommunications and Electromagnetics)
  • IPEP (SCTE) (Internet Protocol Engineering Professional)
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
  • RCDD (BICSI) Registered Communications Distribution Designer
  • CTNS (TCO) (Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist)

On my perspective, so far the RF market doesn´t care that much about trainings and certifications, but, it may help you to better understand the technology and perform better in a interview (the key factor on my hires, not interview).

I like the Qualcomm trainings, but I`m suspect to provide a unbiased option :slight_smile:


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