Cells with high number of users but Payload and PRB decreased

Dear Experts.

We observed some of the cells have high number of users, but payload and PRB have decreased on these cells on same interval.

Is this a normal behaviour?

The number of DL PRBs should remain constant of the site is up for whole day.

Yes it is PRB Utilization.

What could be the reason of such scenario?

PRB utilization goes up and down with users.

That is normal.

But that is not “normal” I think.

If the cell get high users so it impacts on Payload and PRB utilization - high in normal scenario.

In that case user gets connected but cant able to use data (I mean RRC users).

Do you mean when PRB utilization is high payload decreases?

Is it users per TTI which are actively scheduled by eNB?

Maybe inter freq load balancing active on site. Can be 1 reason.