Cell Neighbor Planning Maestro

Dear RF Engineers,

Cell Neighbor Planning Maestro

Cell Neighbor Planning Maestro_UserManual.pdf (633.5 KB)

It’s my utter pleasure to announce the completion of the development of my first Cell Neighbor Planning tool which is called [Cell Neighbor Planning Maestro]; it’s a free alternative to the licensed neighbor planning tools which sometimes we cannot afford. Yes, now you can save your money and still have great results.
It’s a totally free-to-use tool, with some cool features:

  1. Cellular Neighbor Planning.
  2. MML Commands Automation.
  3. EPT Plotting to KML.
  4. EPTs Insights.

Short description:
The tool has the ability to Plan Cellular Neighbors, create the relevant MML commands (it’s a multivendor tool), and can Plot the imported EPTs in a KML format. The tool has many adjustments in the planning area to facilitate accurate customized-area planning.
This tool is the first phase of the Planning Suite I intend to develop, and so far, including 5 components:

  1. Cell Planning Wizard: This one supports multi-RAN (2G~5G).
  2. MML Commands Orchestrator: This automates the creation of the MML scripts along with their relevant Neighbor results it’s a multi-vendor script creator.
  3. KML Wizard: This plots the EPT based on single-color or multi-color according to a selected criterion.
  4. Custom Weights Panel: This enables the user to create his/her own area wights, and this controls the inclusion and robustness of the Neighboring Cells Results.
  5. Mouse hypnotizer: This one will keep the mouse busy, and the screen will never go to sleep. Sometimes we have some critical process that requires the screen to be awake!

This tool has high accuracy compared with famous planning tools, and it’s a very simple and easy-to-use tool that has a straightforward GUI. The tool is based on Python, and it supports different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Don’t forget, this is an experimental version, and most certainly your feedback will be like gems for me.
The link for the tool is below, and it has a detailed User Manuel to give you the most appropriate way to use this tool. I designed the logo from scratch as well, I hope you liked it :blush:!

Link: Cell Neighbor Planning Maestro download | SourceForge.net


Great effort! Powerful tool I think.

Is it an open-source project? If you can share source codes with a community everyone can add additional modules for this.

It can be combined CM parser tool. It would take CM parameter automatically and maybe ML technique can be used to extract neighbor policy after neighbor policy created automatically recommend neighbor relation. It’s a unified ANR for all techs.

these are my ideas.

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Hopefully, we can discuss this in greater details. Pls contact me through

I would love to hear your ideas, I LOVE challenges.
To answer your question, for now, it’s not an open-source tool, but the tool is totally free.

can you share the sample EPT file plz

In the tool itself, navigate to File → Export Templates. These are the EPTs (Templates). For further information please refer to the User-Guide. Download V02 from the website.


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Hello Mohammed,

Thankyou for this tool.

Could you please help me with the options to create Inter-RAT neighbor. This will have to start from very first option to import two technologies together.


Hi Sumit,

Please refer to the user guide for a detailed explanation of how to do this, download version 2 of the tool.


Also, if you encountered any technical issues with the tool please share them here.
Also, pls, share your opinion about the tool’s easiness/accuracy.


Hi Mohammed,

I am using the same version 2.0 but still there is no option to import two different RAN technology EPT.

I have tested Intra LTE neighbors and it was generated very quickly.



Go to File → Import → Import (2G) to import 2G
Go to File → Import → Import (3G) to import 3G
Go to File → Import → Import (4G) to import 4G
Go to File → Import → Import (5G) to import 5G

I hope that helps.

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Got it Thankyou, Tool doesn’t allow multiple input selection in one go but it stores the data imported. Like for multi-tech project - We have to import all the technology EPT one by one. I will check all the results by using my network data and share updates for further improvement scope if any.

That’s right, the tool is making multiple checks on the inserted EPTs, and checking for all data inconsistency, that’s why it accepts them one-by-one.

Thank you so much, your input will be highly appreciated! I want this tool to be very accurate, that’s why I’m following up on users’ inputs.


Dear Mohamed_Hassan!

I tested your tool with 2G, 3G seperately. It’s ok. But I imported both 2G/3G, I couln’t see setting for 2G. Can you fix it or show me how to setting? Thank you.

Hi, dear, I’m glad you’re using the tool, and thanks for the feedback.
From the snapshot you provided, the 2G is NOT imported - the tool updates the RAN selection panel from the imported EPTs.
I recommend, if you imported some EPTs, then you updated them and re-imported new ones, press the [UPDATE TABs].
In your case, please make sure the 2G/3G are imported, then press the (generate/update - tabs) and you’ll get the selections for the NBR settings according to your selected RANs.

Don’t hesitate if you encounted another issue, also please, always send your feedback to me or post them here so I can know what’s missing in the tool, and what needs updating.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

hello Mohamed
please i m facing a problem when importing EPT . is there any format to use for the EPT ??

Hello IoIo,
It’s nice that you’ve started using Cell Neighbour Planning Maestro.

Yes, it has a specific EPT format. Pls go to file, EPT export and then you’ll have the 4 EPTs (GSM/UMTS/LTE/NR).
Pls go through the user manual attached in the website (you can find it in source forge website).

Kindly, feedback the accuracy and ease of use of the tool I would really appreciate it.