Cell - Cell & Site - Site Comparison

Hey Guys,
I wanted to know if Ericsson has any cell-cell or site-site parameter and feature comparison like Huawei has in its U2020? Or is there any other method we can do that with Ericsson? If yes, how can we do it?

Cell - Cell & Site - Site Comparison

Hello Experts.

Huawei has a tool where we can compare two sites with each and it gives all the parameters that are differently set.

It also does this for the same site based on historical data.

My question is, is there a tool in Ericsson to compare the two sites and give out only the different parameters?

We can easily create an SQL Query to compare two sites.

Let’s assume we have a table with columns.

Cellid, parameter1, parameter2,…parameter100

Let’s assume there are 100 parameters to be compared.

Assuming your table name is CellParameters, and the cells you want to compare have cell_id values of cell_id_1 and cell_id_2, here’s a way you might do this:

WITH Unpivoted AS (
SELECT cell_id, parameter, value
FROM CellParameters
value FOR parameter IN (
parameter1, parameter2, …, parameter100
) AS u

DifferentParameters AS (
SELECT a.parameter
FROM Unpivoted a
INNER JOIN Unpivoted b ON a.parameter = b.parameter
WHERE a.cell_id = ‘cell_id_1’
AND b.cell_id = ‘cell_id_2’
AND a.value <> b.value

SELECT * FROM DifferentParameters;

We first create a CTE where we transpose the cellid,paramater1,paramter2… into cell id - parameter name - parameter value combination (row).

Then, we join the CTE to itself on the parameter column, filter for the rows where cell_id is cell_id_1 in table a and cell_id_2 in table b, and where the value is different between the two tables.

If speed is an issue, we can convert this into a stored procedure, and reuse it. After first execution, the next executions will be v fast, even if we change the cellids to be compared.

Thank you @Misbahuddin_Abdullah!

I’ll work on it this week.

Extracting all the parameters that are relevant to me is quite difficult.

In Ericsson I can only get a full list of parameters, I need to figure out a way to get only what I want.

This can also be handled easily in SQL Server.

Just pull all the parameters in a table in SQL.

And then write a stored procedure which creates a table which has the limited parameters you want to see.

Then, you can use this every week easily.

No rework is needed.

If you fix the path in the stored procedure, everything will become automated.

You just need to share the raw parameters dump at the specified location.

And run the SP.

From my old time this could be done with moshell.

Yes, If you know the details or command on how we can extract the difference between the parameters that would be helpful.

Right now, I am using a kget command on moshell on two different nodes, then using Notepad++ to check for the difference.

It is not an optimal solution as it is quite tedious when I do it manually.

“diff” command (if you have access to Moshell)

Hi, you can use diff command in amos multimode like this:

  1. connect to both sites amos -m rbs1,rbs2
  2. compare to objects diff MeContext=rbs1.*RbsLocalCell=S1C1 MeContext=rbs2.*RbsLocalCell=S1C1
    check h diff for options to create file with differences

Yes, this is a good idea if we need to compare only two sites.

But if we need to do a massive audit and compare hundreds of parameters for thousands of cells, best approach is to extract the dump, import it in SQL and use stored procedures.

How do I connect to two different nodes together? I can only connect to one node at a time.