Cell Broadcasting not working in CORE Huawei + RAN Ericsson

Hello Expert.

We are implementing a CBC - Cell Broadcasting solution on our network.

But facing a weird issue…

This is the scenario:
CORE (of the entire network) = Huawei
RAN → Ericsson (50%) + Huawei (50%)

We managed to send the message on SIB11. But SIB11(ETWS) is Japanese standard

And we need American standard SIB12 (CMAS).

But we can’t get the Cellbroadcast message (info) to be sent.

  • Core Huawei - RAN Huawei → OK, working
  • Core Huawei - RAN Ericsson → NOT OK, Not working

Is there any advanced optimization that allows information (SIB12) to reach RAN Ericsson users?


  • SIB11 only work in Ericsson RAN if we disable “Concurrent Warning Mesage indicator” in CBC platform
  • SIB12 - never work, and we need to be (CMAS)

We have successfully implemented CMAS recently, but with CORE + RAN both Ericsson.

Have you compared all the IE on the sib messages between the case when it works(H) vs the other case? maybe the answer is there.

Hi, have you mapped SIB12? SIB12 must be mapped to a unique SI to which no other SIBs are mapped. Engage local Ericsson team for configuration of CMAS/further information.