Cell Average PDCP Throughput increased but Traffic decreased

Hello Dear Experts.

Have one case that Cell Average PDCP Throughput increased and Traffic decreased.

Like below pic:

What could be the reason behind that?

Normally when the Payload degrades, the cell TP increases.

So you should look for the reason why the Payload decreased.

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Ahaa ok then!

Check average TA, check RRC average user number, PRB usage.

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When payload decreases cell throughput should decrease as well.

Since cell throughput equation is payload/time.


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How is the user number?

I still didn’t check, but no abnormal user behaviour.

I mean average user number also increase or decrease?

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Please check whether eRAB drop increased causing drop in number of users connected.

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Well noted, thank you.

When traffic increased, the throughput will decrease due to capacity limitation…
You need to check wheter the user shifting or there are any ERAB Drop causing that.
Check Nbr, for any parameter/physical for load balance or coverage change.

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Describe your LTE network first.

Some inputs for you

  1. Describe your LTE network first.

  2. Any blocking ?

  3. Is load sharing enabled, what is the configured mechanism ?

  4. What are KPI formulae used ?

  5. Any intervention recently due to any reason ?

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For LTE Cell throughput might not equate to User throughput. on Huawei Node How is Payload calculated?