CBRS 4G versus 5G

Interesting reading:

Verizon is chasing 5G for closure.
Claiming 4G CBRS is much better.

Verizon CBRS 4G reported to be better than its 5G

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Currently CBRS (3500M) is carrying very less users in verizon.
That’s why giving peak throughput.
And they are may be comparing with DSS.

Actually CBRS fulfilling there purpose for Private Networks given better results then 5G.
CBRS is very good technology to adapt.

Yes, but it’s unfair to compare it with loaded cells of other carriers.

In terms of loading what I know is that CBRS supported in B48 so limited number of UEs there.

Yes, correct.

Does anyone know which vendor is this?

Samsung is there.

I though it was Nokia.
So Samsung already swapped Nokia in NY?

I mean Samsung has rolled out CBRS in all its area.
If NY is part of Samsung or not, I don’t know.