Carrier Configuration Error alarm

Huawei experts, please help to find resolution for this alarm.

It appeared after freq change activity in GSM cells.

Carrier Configuration Alarm: It appears when you assign other Technology Frequency to GSM.

Are you using shared Frequencies?

No, it’s different frequencies within same band.

Moreover this alarm is appearing only on few cells, other cells are working fine.

Did you check power config on all cell (all RAT) which use same RU?

Does it exceed with RU capability?

For LTE it is 20W and for GSM it is also 20W.

Radio is 4 * 80W

RRU5512,WD5MZAADIDWE,TIANSHAN,TX758-803MHz/RX703-748MHz, TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz,-48VDC,25G,4T4R2,480W

LTE is running on 4T4R config
2G is running with 2 TRX each cell

It should be OK.

Then see the specific problem of the alarm (LST ALMAF) to see the rootcause.