Carrier Aggregation Usage Limit

To Ericsson Experts.

For caUsageLimit in CarrierAggregationFunction MO:
Is there any drawback in increasing the value from 300 to a default value of 65535?

Any idea?

No nothing.
But is there any way to check failure due to 300 limit?

Not in my knowledge.
Other way round want to know anything wrong with the current settings of 300.

300 is itself is too high.

You may check

  • % of UE Ca capable
  • % of UE CA configure
  • % of UE CA schedule

And estimate the actual requirement.

Yes 300 is not limiting anything.
But they’re asking me for this change.

Yeah we only have these counters on cell level to assess this change. Will do it. Thanks

No issue at all. But will not make any changes since current setting of 300 is even way more than sufficient