Carrier Aggregation PCC rule and spacing for contiguous CC

Hi all.
When we have a particular Carrier Aggregation combination like 3A-7C, is it possible have the PCC in any Carrier?

And about contiguous CCs, is it necessary have overlapping edges (one CC upper edge = other CC lower edge) or is just sufficient have the spacing between center frequencies = N x 300KHz?
The rule for contiguous CCs (spacing between the centre frequencies = Nx300 kHz, N=integer) is kind of confusing because it is possible have gaps between CCs.


hi ,i am not expert but i have some ideas
for huawei if you turn on PccAnchorSwitch you can set PreferredPCellPriority so cells can share pcc rule based on load and priority.
for spacing i can see that there are two scenarios:
1-intraband contiguous: the spacing should be less than 5.7.1A(in below pic) and should be n*300khz
2-intraband non contigous :the spacing should be larger than 5.7.1A(in below pic)

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this for refrence:

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